Why Omnis?

Well. It’s a challenging market out there. Consumers expect connected conversations across their devices. Instantly. And relevantly.

Alongside this, the regulatory landscape increasingly means consumers require transparent data processing and relevant use.

Omnis marry device-led demand with the power to give marketers actionable insight to grow their business, though sophisticated state-of-the-art FastFetch™ ETL technology, providing sub-second secure data connections to process, validate, verify and enhance your marketing data – providing quality, compliant data to:

  • Find the right prospects
  • Convert them to customers
  • Sustain high-value long-term relationships

A complex series of decisioning and check logics work under the hood to filter the data universe.

It may seem easy as pie, but challenge your existing data providers on this and you’ll see they can’t respond so easily.

Unprecedented in the marketing services world, we created our infrastructure with the changing regulatory landscape in mind.

We don’t have antiquated legacy systems, which gives us the agility to respond to both client and consumer requirements.

We won’t shout about 45 million UK consumers or 20 million emails. We’ll tell you about the audience that is relevant to you.

It’s not easy.
We just make it look like it is.